Portsmouth Takeover to be Complete by July 11th

Now, I realise there are no guarantees, but let’s just read that one more time….. PORTSMOUTH TAKEOVER TO BE COMPLETE BY JULY 11TH. Doesn’t that sound great?! Unfortunately, it seems to have come too late to stop Glen Johnson leaving us for Liverpool, but if we believe what we have been told, his transfer is nothing to do with the takeover anyway. The transfer is due to go through today. Good luck, Glen.

The source of the headline is ArabianBusiness. com. Granted, the source is not named, but the story does seem very specificسرمایه گذاری مدیریت ثروت لیورپول not to have any truth to it, and unlike The Sun’s ridiculous ‘Pompeygate’ campaign it is hard to see what this particular website would have to gain by exaggerating. Even if we were to surmise for a moment that ArabianBusiness. com would benefit by writing sycophantic articles about Dr Al Fahim (he is not a real doctor by the way, did you know that? ), there are an awful lot of specifics in here, right down to his intended presence at the Portsmouth Supporters’ Club (London) AGM on 11th July. Personally, I think this article is indeed the first to give us a credible and realistic idea of the timescale for completion of the Portsmouth takeover!

The article also mentions that Dr Al Fahim will be meeting with supporters in Portsmouth too at around the same time, and intends to maintain this kind of contact and dialogue in the long term. Good news! Let’s hope that comes to pass as well.

One very interesting comment in there is that the most difficult ownership issues have already been addressed, leaving us to assume that it is only a matter of time now, and by consequence that the Premier League’s requirements will not be an issue.

The great unknown, of course, is just what Dr Al Fahim will say if and when he does address the supporters on July 11th following a newly completed takeover of the club. Who will be the new manager? Which players will be brought in, and how much money will be spent on this? What about the training ground, redevlopment of Fratton Park, and new stadium? One thing is for sure, we will certainly get a good idea of at least what we can expect for the coming season, on the pitch, in the first few days of Al Fahim’s reign.

All in all, this is a day for cautious optimism for us Portsmouth supporters. The timescale means that we will have time to build a team and squad before the new season. It seems that the major difficulties have already been addressed, and of course, most importantly at the moment, we now know when it is planned to happen. I’m sure The sun will desperately be looking for something to spoil the party at this very minute, but my hunch is that they won’t find anything. So, the 11th July becomes a kind of D-Day. We don’t know what will happen after that, but for now it is enough to know when.

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